From Farm to Factory to Foxology

As cited by the Brundtland Commission, 'Sustainability' is a development that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."
Originally the term meant to consume only that which grows back. So we need to design in a circular way from inception to end-of-life. Design needs to be continuous, consistent and sustainable. The responsible use of natural resources is the foundation of Foxology beliefs.
Foxology produces durable clothing, designed to be timeless and will see our customers through season after season. The fabrics and workmanship are of the highest quality and long-lasting. This is ‘slow fashion’.
Foxology strives to encourage a more sustainable and mindful way of life, starting with the clothing we wear. 

The WOOL we love
Sustainable fashion is something that we hold very close to our hearts, only using ethically sourced fibres in the production of all of our garments. The merino wool we use leaves an incredibly light footprint on the planet and is recyclable and fully biodegradable. We also source non-mulesed merino so all our sheep are happy sheep. for more info on 'mulesing' go to:   or

Sustainable sourcing
We are constantly looking for ways to reduce carbon footprint and currently manufacture 100% of our products in the UK. We promote 'slow fashion', using a 3D whole garment, seam-free technology, so ensuring no waste and using 100% lambswools and organic Egyptian cotton, which have been ethically and sustainably sourced. We aim to produce clothing that has as little environmental impact as possible. Sustainability is a part of what the brand is, it’s a way of life - it’s in the Foxology DNA, from farm to factory, to Foxology!
Knitting in the UK was the starting point for manufacturing Foxology knitwear and we are looking to add to our UK based products with woven separates for 2021 – all very exciting. However, we are currently sourcing a more localised production of organic cotton products. Reigniting relationships with partners in Egypt and India is happening and we have products arriving this autumn.

Environmentally friendly packaging for the delivery of our products is of real concern to us. From the outset, we made the decision not to use plastic outer packaging for delivery to your door. All products are wrapped in protective tissue and posted using biodegradable bags or boxes.