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Foxology Beginnings: Where it Started and Where we're Going

Looking back on this short journey so far, I am filled with optimism and so grateful for the shift we're starting to see in our industry — and in the world at large — moving toward a more responsible attitude for fashion consumption and end-of-life garment management. But we have a long way to go.

Foxology began out of a mission to educate the world about the destructive nature in which we consume fashion(Big job!). Several pioneers were already taking the step down the slow fashion route, but no-one was looking at knitwear and how we could make beautiful, ethically and sustainably sourced, affordable jumpers, that consumers would love and not discard at the end of a season! 

5 years ago waste and garment recycling wasn't a part of the industry conversation, in fact, the dominant business model at the time relied on fashion trend and style obsolescence and consumption as the key motivators. This model needed to change and discussion was starting amongst those concerned.

We were throwing away 80% of our clothing directly into landfill, aquating to around 12 million tons of garment waste per year and this has grown to almost 21 million tons!

Clothes Landfill image

I have talked previously about the vast volume of water (around 700 gallons) of water it takes to create a single t-shirt and the energy required to spin, weave, dye, print, sew, cut and finish garments. So when garments are just thrown into the bin, all of that intrinsic value is lost.

The question I asked myself was, 'How do we prevent people from throwing their garments away?'.  If we could educate people to cherish their garments and look after them, then maybe we could change this behaviour. 

The knitwear industry in the UK has gone through many ups and downs throughout history and is only now starting to see a true and sustainable revival. This has been encouraged through smaller brands understanding the value of a garment made in smaller batches and local to them, from factories steeped in heritage, using traditional methods and skills.

Foxology is at the start of a long journey, striving to meet our industry where it's at and deliver beautiful, knitted garments, that consumers will cherish and not discard.

This is just the beginning, as we have a huge fundamental shift in the way we create, wear and reuse clothing - but we have at least begun the journey......... 

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