Featured Foxologist: Tracy Clayton @instinctivelypure

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am 42 Years old and I have two grown up children. Laura is 22 and Cameron is 17. Both are incredibly self-sufficient and both were home schooled. I love being a mum. 
I think it's one of the most incredible jobs you can do, ever evolving, always challenging and new targets daily.

My background is creative and marketing. I left school at 15 with my GCSEs and nothing else but knew I wanted to work for myself. I designed, developed and had manufactured my own range of NICU/prem baby clothing for the NHS wards back in 2005/6 which was sustainable and organic - the first of its kind developed with the help of the Occupational Therapists that worked in the wards and the nurses. Both my children were premature so I knew the struggles new parents and nurses went through, especially with clothing. This was my way of making a difference. 
Fast forward to now and my passion is helping other sustainable and ethical brands to get their products out there, hopefully by marketing them in the best possible way. We've been fully sustainable as a family since I was diagnosed with my autoimmune condition back in 2003/2004. We made life changes to try to help with the condition. I didn't want to just rely on medication, so we changed out household cleaning products to eco ones. We changed our personal care products to recyclable ones and I switched all my beauty and skincare to clean brands. This is what led us to clothing. 
This has been a long journey for us and definitely interesting, but what's lovely now is the choice we have. Back in 2004, there really wasn't much! 

Foxologist Tracy Clayton walking the beach in a lambswool Ryton Roll Neck jumper

What inspires you?

People, Nature, Fashion, Life, Neil - just so many things. It’s sometimes difficult to explain but knowing that I could at any moment be unable to do any of it is a very real thing. I've spent years before now not being able to walk or being stuck in a wheelchair with little or no real control over what I can do for myself with Neil having to pretty much do everything for me. When you live with an illness that attacks your own body and organs, you soon find inspiration in the smallest things.
One thing I'm always inspired by is meeting new brands and working with different people. It gives me a fresh perspective every time. I also love the outdoors. I grew up next to the sea, so being by the ocean helps - the sound of the waves, the crisp sea salt air hitting the back of your throat, the crisp & crunch of the seaweed under your boots as you walk across it.

What is your favourite Foxology Garment and why?

Ryton Lambswool Roll Neck, for sure! It’s incredible - so soft so comfy. It looks incredible on, really flattering in the fit and shape, not to mention the fact that it goes with everything as I got black! Honestly, I would have this in every colour; it’s just perfect.
Being someone that lives with immense pain everyday, I need clothing that is light and sits super comfy. Foxology clothing does this, especially as there are no seams. It’s an absolute game-changer for me.

Tracy Clayton wearing Foxology Lambswool Ryton Roll Neck Jumper
How would you describe Foxology to a friend?

I would say Foxology is the brand you never knew you needed, but now you've found it, you'll never want to live without it! You'll want to shout about it from the rooftops, but at the same time keep it all to yourself! 

Instagram post link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJI_sppF8_6/

Tracy Clayton wearing Foxology Hoodie and lounge pants

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